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29 April 2010.
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At Ski Buzz, we’re always looking to try new gadgets and products, especially if they’re going to make our lives easier. Portaski promises to ‘make carrying your skis a thing of the past.
So we wanted to put these claims to the test. We took delivery of a brand new Portaski and opened the box in anticipation…

As you get a look at its slick packaging, you know the Portaski is going to be a well-designed product. From the website, to the box, to the Portaski itself – every aspect of this product has been carefully considered. It comes as no surprise that the Portaski creator, Mike Johnston, has spent several years perfecting the product.

From its compact, lightweight shell to the patented wheel sled that suits all terrain, Portaski is a design success. The concept is good, the website looks good and the product looks good. But the biggest question is – does it work?

Follow the simple instructions and you will be on your way to finding out. Detach the tray from the handle and insert your skis into the tray. Secure them with the velcro strap before attaching the handle to the other end of the skis. Again, fully secure with the velcro strap. As Portaski says, it’s ‘as easy as a-b-ski.’



Now to the real test, that patented wheel sled. Although the wheels look relatively small, they easily navigate uneven surfaces and can even negotiate snow and ice. Taking up to 70% of the weight of your skis, Portaski makes lugging your skis about a much less traumatic experience. If you’re the kind of guy that carries your partner’s skis in a misjudged and naive attempt at chivalry – the Portaski was invented for you.

The Portaski is marketed as lightweight and pocket-size. At only 217g, it certainly is lightweight and it does fit into a standard ski or snowboard jacket pocket. But we think it might be a little too big to carry comfortably in your ski or board trousers. If you’re prone to a tumble, be careful about where you carry it while on the piste.

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